Pflanzen und Home Office

Plants and Home Office

By Versailles Plants

Pflanzen und Home Office

As we’re shifting more toward remote work and work from home capabilities, it’s important to create an intentional space for your work so that you’re as productive at your home office as you are in the actual office.

One of the benefits of working from home is the ability to design an office space that inspires and motivates you. A great way to create an environment that is healthy and productive is with office plants.Adding plants might be the missing nature link needed to improve productivity and satisfaction on the job.

Plants help improve motivation and productivity at work, so they’re the perfect addition to your home office. There are also many health benefits of plants that make them ideal for your home office where you spend eight or more hours of your day.

The most substantial benefits of plants are:

  • Plants reduce stress. When we work, we often find ourselves in a stressed mode or a stressed environment. Plants are proven to be helpful in these kind of situations, helping our subconscious to be calmer.
  • Plants improve the air quality. The most famous research by NASA has shown that plants have the ability to remove pollutants from the air. In addition, plants constantly absorb carbon dioxide and convert it to oxygen instead, creating a healthier work environment for us.
  • Plants can help the immune system and enhance its response.
  • Plants increase humidity.


Which plants fit your home office the most?

There are a couple of factors you should consider before choosing the plants that fit your home office the most:

How much light does your room get?

Some plants require more light and some less. It is important to understand how much light and hours of sun your room gets and consider that before adding green to your home office. Most of the plants need at least some sun (not direct, but brightness in the room) but there are a few that can happily live in a shady room. Think to yourself, which direction does your window face? At what angle does the sun hit my room?

What’s your level of expertise?

Some people have more free time and some are busier. Some have had many plants during their life and for some it’s the first time. The sturdy plants, which you can neglect, forget to water and give less sun, might be a good choice for busy people who don’t have much time to look after their plants. On the contrary, plants like Calathea require constant attention and sometimes changes in the watering schedule or sun exposure. Check your plant’s difficulty before purchasing it and make sure it’s the right one for you.

How much space you have?

Although everybody likes big plants, we don’t always have the space to fit them all. Sometimes, especially when we want to decorate our home office, medium-size plants like Sansevieria are a perfect solution.Think about home much space your desk has, how much space do you need, and make your choice according to that. Take under consideration, that plants do grow and will not stay the same size as when they were purchased.If you don’t have much space, it’s better to go on a vertical grow plant rather than a wide-growing one.