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Plants are so much more. Each a unique individual with its own style, they have their own needs and personalities of their own. Some are more temperamental and demanding than others, sure—but we’ve all lived in flat-shares before so we know how that goes.

Because that’s it: they’re alive. Sharing your space and breathing your air (literally). But, the atmosphere they help create—from joy to calm to creative to in-touch with nature or simply a stylish, warm environment to live in—means these green housemates are ones worth keeping, growing with and caring for.

co₂ existing in harmony

At Versailles Plants, We make choosing the right plants (and their personalities) for your home easy—connecting plants and people together and making the whole ordeal of choosing the right houseplant more accessible.

We make

Pet friendly, Easy care, Large plants, Shelf plants, Tropical plants, Air purifiers, we separate our plant selection into easy-to-navigate sections and describe the personality of each plant to you, so you can get to know them before you own them.

Want a medium-sized shelf plant for your bedroom? Meet Lani (Sansevieria Zeylanica), she’s low-maintenance, requires little sunlight, and is an extraordinary air purifier – cleaning the air you breathe while you sleep.

Face it, there’s a plant-shaped hole in your life. Find the right houseplant for you and fill you home with life and color.

two plantsy devils

Versailles Plants— we’re two young guys in Berlin with a thing for houseplants. Green-leaved companions. Whatever you’d prefer to call them. One day, we thought: we have all these houseplants, but why doesn’t everyone else?

We figured: choosing the right houseplant buddy and fitting a pot—bringing it home and keeping it alive—was too difficult a mission. So we decided to change it. We connected with trusted Dutch growers (to ensure the plants we provide are of the highest quality) and hand-picked a diverse and unique selection which fits the needs of the modern plant-owner. We arranged a delivery system that brings your new green friend safely straight to your doorstep. We then collected all the information and care tips you’d needed so you can become a little plant expert yourself.

our mission

For those who ask us - “why did you start this plant thing in the first place?” we say - because there is an extra. Helping people get more plants and decorating their homes is nice, but we supply people with something beneficial for them and their surroundings.

Our mission is to spread as many plants as possible in the urban area and add some green to the city by creating a fun and accessible place where everyone can easily find the ideal plant for him and his home. Plants boost creativity, happiness and are simply good for us. Spreading them is our way to spread some good in this world.